President Obama’s Press Conference


I was just sitting here, TRYING to figure out how to work the program “Photoshop” by trial and error, and the Press Conference came on. I think it was on NBC. Might I be one of the voices in the wilderness willing to voice some rationality?

1) Just who invented this framing of Obama’s presidency where he is supposed to FIX THE WORLD in thirty days? It is such PATENT BULLSHIT! I have been paying attention to national politics for decades now, and I can actually SEE the framing, and where it is coming from, and it is Barftastic to watch, and it is a CRIME that that President Obama has to even grapple with it.

Destroying things is much, much quicker and easier than building them. To demonstrate this, imagine singlehandedly burning down a house. Pretty easy! Now imagine singlehandedly building a house. It would take YEARS. At even an extremely conservative estimate, let’s say it takes 8 times as long to fix a broken or destroyed thing.

Dubya had EIGHT YEARS to destroy this country, and he did it with abandon and with multiple henchmen. We should give Obama SIXTY-FOUR years to fix the country!! THEN pronounce his success or failure.

Even at an unrealistic numerically “fair” comparison, Obama has 8 years to fix what Dubya and Darth broke. But no; the top 1% of this country (financially I mean, obviously) just HATE HATE HATE the idea of the peon workers having even a mildly sympathetic President and Congress. They appear to be shitting BRICKS at the idea of forking over any taxes at ALL. So they program the mainstream media (which grows more irrelevant daily, thank Jeebus) to constantly spout this insanely retarded rubric, that Obama had better FIX EVERYTHING in a month or two or else his is a “failed presidency”.

2) Can I just mention how I WEEP WITH JOY to hear a President who can speak English without embarrassing us all? And that’s not all he can do! He can also think WITH HIS BRAIN! He can speak with the Press Corps with dignity and coherence, without losing his authority. He is actually fit for the job.

3) Clearly, the strain is beginning to show. It may just be my filters, whatever they may be, but Obama is CLEARLY quite angry, not only with AIG and the financial Robber Barons, but with his colleagues in Congress who are showing about as much backbone and patriotism and love for America……as they did under Bush. Which is so say, they appear to, for the most part, be for sale. It’s infuriating.

I supported Edwards initially (the Working Man’s Friend), then Hillary (What is not to love about that woman?) and came to Obama in a “well, I like him just fine, even if he wasn’t my first choice” kind of way. (More on that later!) So, I am NOT a wild-eyed Obama-maniac. That said, I am TELLING YOU that we LUCKED OUT TO THE MAX getting this man to take on the leadership of this country in this dark hour.