More Ideas

One idea I would like to put in the novel is, there is a sympathetic male character, and although he tries to be taken seriously as a person by the women, nothing he does works and he finds himself an object of ridicule, and it is Very Confusing for him (just as it is for Us, NOW!).


ALso, and this is G*R*E*A*T, MEN are considered to be the more dumb, more romantic sex, who are fed fairy tales about finding a perfect woman, a “Princess Charming”, and having their lives be great, (and this DOES happen to a FEW men, to make it more frustrating and heartbreaking for most men) and then they are mocked for being so dumb as to BELIEVE anything like this could happen to them. Men are considered more clingy, and more loyal, and there is a saying in the society along the lines of, “No Dog is more Loyal than a Neutered Male”. (This actually IS a saying in the DOG breeding community!) Women who have espoused theirselves to a male generallly take the male totally for granted TOTALLY, because, economically the male is FUCKED if he ever leaves, for starters, and also, usually these males can be counted on to be grateful and loyal and loving, because that is their NATURE! Not like Women, who are naturally more adventurous!