This, Too, Serves a Purpose






While I am the FIRST to admit I have been missing my daily Amanda Marcotte fix while she is livin’ it up at SXSW, I disagree with this article. In it Marcotte states that Steinem, Morgan and Fonda have gone TOO FAR in bringing up the idea that MAYBE we should as a nation consider the idea that the unbelievably toxic Rush Limbaugh ought to be banned from the public airwaves.

While it is true that censorship is by and large a bad idea, open to all sorts of abuses, there are many things we do not allow on our public airwaves and outright Hate Speech really OUGHT to be one of them. But more importantly, I think that WE, the “progressives”, need to allow for voices TO THE LEFT of the middle  to be heard. The Right has allowed FAR FAR RIGHT pundits, so far Right as to be throwbacks to several CENTURIES ago, to speak, and has thus been VERY successful at moving the “middle ground” to the right. So successful, that it can be truthfully stated that Nixon (NIXON!!!) would be considered A Liberal DEMOCRAT NOW!

Yet when a position is taken by a Feminist or other Liberal that is to the LEFT of the middle ground, the Progressives try to talk them back from the edge. “Come back! Come Back! You are going to get called names! We here in the middle may start to feel mildly embarrassed to be seen with you!”

We don’t let the Fringe-y Left do their part, which is to PULL THE MIDDLE GROUND LEFTWARD. Instead, we just keep letting the For-crying-out-loud QUIVVERFULS! and SLAVERY-ENDORSERS (and THIS GUY) pull the debate to the RIGHT!

We need to take a lesson from the Right: we need to LET the FAR-LEFT express their views, without policing by the Moderates. (And not to say that Fonda, Steinem and Morgan are THAT far left! The Far Left view on the Limbaugh situation would be, I dunno, advocating for the Fairness Doctrine?)