The First Stirrings of Thought

While reading about the whole “Just put an aspirin between your legs” comment by Some Idiot Somewhere, I was stimulated to think about the conundrum, if ALL the ladies are supposed to be keeping their legs together, who exactly are all these Conservative male pussyhounds supposed to be fucking? Why don’t the OBVIOUS LOGISTICAL PROBLEMS in half of the Heteros (the females) being celibate, and the other half (the males) Completely Depraved seem to occur to these idiots?

And then I thought, this is so blatant that it MUST be a feature, not a bug. What would they get out of it? Well, they would get to keep on having that Framing of Sexuality that goes like this: Man is the HUNTER!! The Pussy Hunter!! The women don’t want to/get to give it up, so then we (the males) get to use TAKE IT! In other words, Rape Culture. The “Game”. The Dominance Game.

Plus, the obvious benefit that if a woman “gets herself pregnant”, the entire male subset of the population doesn’t have to Give a Shit, because, she was slut who broke the rules! The rules that the males made up so that they would always “win” in every situation!

It’s pathetic.

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